COVER REVEAL ~ Ash & Blood by Ann Bakshis

COVER REVEAL ~ Ash & Blood by Ann Bakshis

Title: Ash & Blood Author: Ann Bakshis Genre: Paranormal Romance Cover Designer: Braveart Design Lab Publication Date: Mar. 27th, 2022 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: A life created from ash and blood by powers unbeknownst to mankind. A person to rid the world of those destined to destroy it. The more Magdalene Leech recalls […]

COVER REVEAL ~ City of Ruin by Lindsey Pogue

Title: City of Ruin Series Name: Ruined Lands, book one (A Forgotten Lands World Novel) Author: Lindsey Pogue Genre: New Adult / Gothic Romance / Fairytale Retelling / Historical Fantasy / Alternative History / Historical Fiction Publication Date: June 14th, 2022 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: The Collector is coming. Centuries ago, the skies […]

RELEASE BLITZ ~ Under the Midnight Sky by Jackie Steele

  Title: Under the Midnight Sky Author: Jackie Steele Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense Cover Designer: Larissa Klein Publication Date: March 8th, 2022 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR   What would you do if you carried a secret so deep, you can’t remember it? After losing her parents and memory following a tragic accident, twenty-four-year-old […]

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY ~ Heartquake by Terry Newman

Heartquake by Terry Newman Genre: Paranormal Romance Coffee shop owner, Charlee Lightheart, views corporations with contempt. She believes her father died at the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. When she’s approached to run for city council on an anti-fracking platform, she’s reluctant. She’s not sure this movement is her cause. Billionaire Riley Brockton has given […]

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY ~ Author Spotlight: Amanda Blackwood

The Miller Miles Micro-Biographies Book 1 by Amanda Blackwood Genre: Nonfiction, Biography, Human Trafficking, Abuse Survival A saint was once asked “What is anger?” He replied that anger is a punishment that we give ourselves for someone else’s mistake. Believe me, revenge is far worse. We all do things we aren’t proud of. Some of […]

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY ~ The Munchkins by Candice Zee

The Munchkins Book 1 by Candice Zee Genre: Upper Middle-Grade Fantasy “Has all the “ingredients” for a fantastical, magical, YA story that also caters to adults who absolutely love the Potter-esque world that happens maybe twice in a lifetime.” – Reader Views Thirteen extraordinary children with mysterious powers. Their loving and protective father. And a […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ At the Edge of the Forest by Caroline Kane Aguiar

At the Edge of the Forest by Caroline Kane Aguiar Genre: YA Fantasy This is the epic story of a young girl named Kira growing up in dangerous times during the Viking Era. Her comfortable home life is suddenly torn apart and she must find a way to put it back together, and save her […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Thunderstruck by Wren Michaels

Thunderstruck Wren Michaels (The Thunderbird Brotherhood, #1) Publication date: March 10th 2022 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Reseda Juarez is dead. Though she functions as a human, inside she’s an emotionless weapon, trapped between the living and the undead. Cold and unrelenting, she’s used as a super-soldier by the government in a special task force to […]

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