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BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Her Captive Beast by Starla Fleet

Her Captive Beast Starla Fleet (Her Alien Beast, #1) Publication date: March 24th 2022 Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Raynia Marrying a suitable Royal is a small price to pay for my father’s approval. My fiancé is a good man even if his touch doesn’t evoke my desire. We have science in common and that […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Last Resort by Amelia Wilde

Last Resort Amelia Wilde (The Collector Trilogy, #3) Published by: Dangerous Press Publication date: March 22nd 2022 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Emerson LeBlanc lost more than an acquisition. He lost the woman he loves. There’s no redemption for a man with his past. No future for a relationship built on stalking and kidnapping. At least […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ A Vampire’s Soul by Marie-Claude Bourque

A Vampire’s Soul Marie-Claude Bourque (The Order of the Black Oak – Vampires, #3) Publication date: March 22nd 2022 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance A VAMPIRE’S SOUL: A Friends to Lovers Slow-Burn Paranormal Romance Meet the Order of the Black Oak: a powerful order of modern-day warriors fighting evil to protect the ones they love. When […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Seduction in Blood by Kim Allred

Seduction in Blood Kim Allred (Of Blood & Dreams, #1) Publication date: March 22nd 2022 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance A thief. A vamp. A walk on the wild side. Cressa Langtry escaped an abusive home to live on her own terms. Now she’s known as Pandora, the best cat burglar and safecracker on the West […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ The Curse of a Kingdom by Abbey Fox

The Curse of a Kingdom Abbey Fox (The Wicked Kingdom, #2) Publication date: March 22nd 2022 Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance HER SOULMATE IS IN DANGER. When Arkimedes is kidnapped by The Dark Ones, Nava Forrest is forced to make a bargain with the devil. But when Nava comes face-to-face with her beloved, he has no […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Zealot by C. Vonzale Lewis

Zealot C. Vonzale Lewis (Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles, #2) Published by: Parliament House Publication date: March 22nd 2022 Genres: Adult, Fantasy Nicole Fontane thought her demons were buried deep enough. She was wrong. After barely escaping the blood bath of the Harvest ritual, Nicole and her vigilante compatriots learn that there are others practicing blood […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Mermaid of Sicily by Jincey Lumpkin

Mermaid of Sicily Jincey Lumpkin (Mermaid of Venice, #2) Publication date: September 20th 2021 Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance The glamorous Gia Acquaviva struggles to maintain her freedom and hold onto her business empire. A Sicilian mob boss nips at her tail, hoping to lure her into his sick fantasies. Meanwhile, the global media hunts Gia, […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Moon Madness by Sabrina Silvers

Moon Madness Sabrina Silvers (Dirigo Pack, #2) Publication date: March 19th 2022 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance A wolf on the edge, deadly shifter political games, and an unexpected attraction. Sloane Wyman is haunted by her past and she’ll let nothing get in the way of her future. She’s vowed to defend her pack as long […]

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY ~ Exile’s Hunter by Kate Rudolph

Exile’s Hunter Kate Rudolph (Alien Mates: Planet Exile, #1) Publication date: March 14th 2022 Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Guerran is no place for pretty human women, but tough-as-nails Kenzie will walk through hell to find her abducted sister. When her search puts her in Mad’s path she isn’t sure whether she should kiss him […]

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