Disillusioned by Brianna Sugalski ~ Cover Reveal 6/20

Title: Disillusioned (Ruinous Reign Book Two)

Author: Brianna Sugalski

Cover Designer: Shayne Townson

Illustrator: Beriz Art

Genre: New Adult Dark Fantasy / Vampire Romance

Release Date: October 8th, 2024


“Settling into her throne and preparing for her coronation ball, Lilac fully intends on upholding her end of the faerie king’s bargain. But when Kestrel is absent at her Accords meeting, a ghoulish visitor arrives in his stead, demanding a new favor from the queen and vampire barkeep: intercept a traveling merchant headed to the shores of Brest and bring Kestrel the arcane chest they transport.

Despite Adelaide’s unexpected cunning and a powerful warlock at their side, the quest ends in tragedy. Garin finds himself torn between sanctity and sacrifice, forced to make an impossible choice… which Lilac does for him. Together, she and a furious Garin must navigate the sanguine magic that binds them as news spreads that France has encroached her eastern duchy.

Garin’s restraint is further tested when Lilac is propositioned by a ruler who offers to fortify her defense against France’s attempt at annexation—and allow her to keep her sovereignty—in a proxy wedding. The threat of Lilac’s overthrow infuriates the vampire, as does the mysterious entity that lurks beyond the shores—but not as much as the thought of losing Lilac to the emperor who would inevitably fall victim to his wrath if he dared lay a finger on her.

His beloved. His Lilith. His thrall.”

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