The Fae of the Fjord by Elle Thrasher ~ Book Tour 6/10 – 6/14


Welcome to the tour for The Fae of the Fjord by Elle Thrasher! Read on for more details and visit our Instagram page for a chance to win a signed paperback copy!


The Fae of the Fjord: A Fantasy Romance (The Nordic Fae Series, Book 1)

The Fae of the Fjord is a steamy fantasy romance set in modern-day Norway, with heaps of humor, magic, and Scandinavian flair. This is a why-choose (lite) romance, because why have one fae when you could have two?

  • Grumpy/sunshine
  • Fae fantasy romance
  • Who hurt you
  • Why choose (MFM)
  • Laugh out loud funny
  • Spicy

It isn’t Lennie Martin’s fault her cruise ship left without her…

Okay, that’s kind of a lie.

The ship left on schedule, but Lennie is distracted photographing the stunning fjord outside the tiny Norwegian village and loses track of time.

Out of luck, Lennie finds herself stranded in the quirky town until the next boat arrives. When she accidentally punches Espen, a friendly local cop with a penchant for yoga, who turns out to be far more than meets the eye (which in itself is plenty), she propels herself head over heels into a magical mystery the likes of which she never could have imagined. Because that last photograph that cost Lennie her ride? Turns out that silver light she captured was evidence of an illegal magic transfer between fae — not a stray lens flare — that could have detrimental effects on the fjord region.

To return home, all she needs to do is survive a week in the little village, help Espen with his investigation, and avoid the local grump, Øyvin, who seems determined to make her vacation a whole lot more complicated. Or more fun, depending on how you look at it.

When friendships bloom between her and the fae and the urge to solve this mystery grows stronger, Lennie is torn between commandeering a boat to run back to her normal life, or digging in her heels to be a part of this new world and help the fae of the fjord.

CW: Violence, graphic language, on page sex, loss of a loved one, and poisoning.


About the Author

Hi! I’m Elle Thrasher, an author of romantic fantasy books.

My books are filled with relatable heroines, swoon-worthy heroes, lots of laughs, and locations that will give you wanderlust.

While I’m originally from the UK, and lived in Norway for seven years too, I now live in the US with my husband and one very fluffy dog. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found drinking a cup of tea, staring at my never-ending tbr, or taking a joke waaaaay too far.


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