Tenebrium by Elanor Miller ~ Book Tour 6/3 – 6/7

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We’re thrilled to be touring Tenebrium this week! It’s a romantic, dystopian, noir detective thriller set in a futuristic Gatsby Era by Elanor Miller. Think Peaky Blinders meets The Great Gatsby, with a dash of the game BioShock!

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Tenebrium (Flappers and False Gods Book Duet – Book One)

Publication Date: January 2023

Genre: Noir Thriller/Dystopian/Romance

🕵️‍♀️Detective Thriller
🍸Set in a futuristic Gatsby era
💔Forbidden Romance

Tenebrium is a romantic, dystopian, noir detective thriller set in a future where the prohibition/Gatsby era has come around again.

The year is 2425, and the jazz age is in full swing—again.

Guys, dolls, gangsters and molls, drugs and prohibition are just the tip of the iceberg for Detective Thea Williams and her mentor Walt as they struggle to solve a horrific series of murders, all the while dealing with the consequences and complications of their not-so-professional relationship.

Embroiled in the case and stymied at every turn by the corrupt District Attorney, who also happens to be her estranged father, Thea quickly discovers a much more sinister plot.

Thrown into a dark world of cults and corruption, Thea must fight for survival lest Tenebrium City eat her alive.

In Tenebrium City, even neon lights cast shadows…

This decopunk thriller is the debut novel from Scottish author Elanor Miller. Lovers of The Great Gatsby, Blade Runner and Altered Carbon will find a home in Tenebrium.

Decopunk is a subgenre of Cyberpunk, similar to Steampunk but with an Art Deco aesthetic.

*This book is written in British English.

Content Warning:

  • Abuse
  • Torture
  • Murder
  • Mutilation
  • Adultery/Cheating
  • Addiction
  • Substance Abuse
  • Forced Prostitution
  • Violence


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