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Birth made her a slave. Love made her a martyr. He’ll make her his queen.

Dark Eden Book 2 Cover

Scars of Sacrifice and Seduction

Expected Publication Date: October 28, 2023

Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy with Spice / Enemies to Lovers

🖤Enemies to Lovers
💘Fated Mates
📜 Ancient Prophecy
🌶️ Cult Rituals
💕 Multiple Couples
🪦Touch Her and 😵 Vibes
🫶🏻 Found Family
💀Afterlife Mythology
🤐 Forbidden Knowledge
👽 With with x2 🍆
💥 Supernatural Powers
😈 Villain’s POV
➕Addiction & Recovery Rep

Birth made her a slave. Love made her a martyr. He’ll make her his queen.

Welcome to Eden. Born without magic into a brutal world where mage abilities determine survival, Vaza didn’t think her life as a breeder-queen could get any worse.

Not until a cult leader declares her identical twin must be sacrificed to resurrect a dead god. Vaza plans to destroy the prophet’s credibility by seducing him into breaking his sacred vows. To get close enough to ruin him, however, she’ll need to infiltrate The Order and do the one thing she fears most-open her heart and allow Brex to claim more than just her pleasure.

Meanwhile, in the prison world of the dead…

All his life, Liam Riley has been told he’s an abomination. Turns out it’s true. He never asked to be cursed with the powers of a living god, but now that he has them, he’ll use every one of his new gifts to protect his soul-bonded mate. Even if it means locking her up to keep her from discovering the truth about the entity holding them hostage.

Too bad Renae has no intention of being kept in a cage. Not when she sacrificed everything to save him. The version of Liam she finds in the Void isn’t the same man she fell in love with. A decade of solitary confinement in the Void has turned him into something more. Something inhuman.

Book two in the Dark Eden sci-fantasy series, where the lines between enemies, allies, loyalty, and love blur beyond recognition.

Told in two colliding and scorchingly hot timelines that will leave readers questioning who the real monsters are.

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About the Author

Author Photo J. Ember Hintz

J. Ember Hintz writes sci-fi and fantasy romance. She loves building dark contemporary worlds and lush alternate realities ripe with mythology and magic.

You’ll meet ghosts, gods, and monsters in her stories, but never a damsel in distress.
Her debut novel was a 2022 Book Life Prize by Publisher’s weekly Quarter Finalist and 2021 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence Finalist.

Fun Facts: J. Ember is her real first initial and middle name. She goes absolutely feral for enemies to lovers, grumpy protector/body guard romance tropes, and whatever the opposite of a meet-cute is. A meet-disaster? She also believes the villain or antagonist is the most important character in every story.

She lives near the ocean with her husband, two rescue poodles and the occasional ghost. Her alter ego enjoys a successful career in the wedding industry. Job perks include an unlimited supply of cake, champagne and IRL HEAs. When she’s not making dreams come true, or breathing life into fictional characters, you can find her in the studio throwing paint at a canvas and hoping for the best.
To learn more about her upcoming releases, visit or follow her author life shenanigans on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

J. Ember Hintz

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