Book Tour ~ Amoura Awakened by Meg Kramer

One girl’s quest for belonging leads to perilous secrets. Will she uncover the truth before it’s too late?


Amoura Awakened

Publication Date: October 6, 2023

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Amoura Renly is anything but average, much to her dismay. When a violent confrontation with a bully awakens her connection to magic, Amoura struggles with the realization she’s farther from fitting in than she ever imagined.

Desperate for a fresh start, Amoura enrolls at Elderwood School for the Magically Inclined, tucked beneath the streets of San Francisco. But with a unique connection to magic seemingly different from her peers and a secret police force “disappearing” anyone deemed a magical abnormality, fitting in is the least of her troubles. As Amoura navigates the dangers of a society that fears what it doesn’t understand, she uncovers the truth about her connection to magic and the dark secrets that threaten her very existence.

Meg Kramer’s enchanting debut YA urban fantasy “Amoura Awakened” imagines a world where witches and humans coexist. Where ordinary teenagers–with all their desires, jealousies, and insecurities—wield magic. This gripping tale of friendship, danger, and self-discovery will keep you questioning what’s true until the final page. Buy “Amoura Awakened” today and begin uncovering the untold stories and secrets of the magical world.

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About the Author

Headshot, Meg Kramer

Meg spent ten years working as an elementary educator, inspiring kids to explore their unique creativity and view themselves as writers. One day, she decided to take her own advice and wrote her book. Meg is a mother, an LGBTQIA+ ally, and an indie music enthusiast. When she’s not writing or “momming”, you can find Meg wandering the streets of San Francisco, hunting for magic in the cobwebs of the city’s oldest Victorians.

Meg Kramer

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