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The Lost Daughters Trilogy is a brand-new, never-released, Asian fantasy trilogy featured first on Kickstarter. Each book stars a different princess of the Jinu Kingdom, betrayed and thrown out by her very own father, the king of Jinu, just because she wasn’t born a son. But what happens when a son is finally born and becomes the king’s biggest nightmare? This campaign features a stunning deluxe edition omnibus with all the trimmings!


The rules of China dictate that sons reign supreme…

The Forgotten Daughter

Born a daughter into the kingdom of Jinu, Xiuying knows nothing but rejection and betrayal, even as a young child.

She is left forgotten and raised by maids while her parents, disgraced by her gender, tells the rest of the kingdom that she’s dead, when the only thing she wants is love.

And eventually, her father and king, Qianfan, sends her away to an abandoned island… to die.

The Broken Daughter

Xiaofan, the princess of Jinu, thinks she has it all.

Her parents love her. Her father gives her everything she’s always wanted.

But then her parents have another child.

And Xiaofan feels her entire world crumbling beneath her.

It’s time for her to become an orphan and pretend like she’s never been part of the kingdom.

The Righteous Son

After years and years of trying, the kingdom of Jinu has been blessed with a son!

However, disappointment ensues when Qianfan realizes that Jinhai is nothing like him.

That he’s weak, emotional, and unfit to be a king.

A shame to the family name.

The only way for Jinhai to prevent his father from destroying the kingdom with his conniving mother is to fight and take down the king for good.

But he’ll need the help of his sisters.

With their combined powers and fury, are the siblings strong enough to take down the monster who made their lives a living hell?

Or will the dictator of Jinu continue to reign supreme and destroy anyone else who comes in his way?

Kickstarter investors will receive a 5×8″ 500+ page book that includes:

  • Blue faux leather and gold foil hardcover
  • Stenciled edges
  • Gorgeous gold foil reversible dust jacket
  • Color front-end sheet map
  • Color back-end sheet illustration
  • Beautiful deluxe interior layout
  • color interior illustrations
  • Hand-signed by Viola Tempest
  • Smyth-sewn binding

The Lost Daughters Kickstarter

About the Author

Viola Tempest is a dystopian fantasy and paranormal romance author who yearns to expose the truth of those in the modern world: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Her inspiration primarily stems from life experiences, those who annoy her, ex-boyfriends, and the crazy dreams that pop into her head every once in a while.

Viola Tempest

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