Angels Around Us by Victoria Liiv ~ Book Tour and Giveaway

After falling out of the sky- quite literally- with an airplane,

Amber goes though life simply surviving from week to week.

Angels Around Us

Heaven’s Torment Book 1

by Victoria Liiv

Genre: Psychological Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance

After falling out of the sky- quite literally- with an airplane, Amber goes though life simply surviving from week to week. Her traumatic experience keeps on haunting her day and night, but mostly at night, and it seems there’s no way out. Nothing left to try for. If life is only a torture, why keep on going?

The answer is simple: Adriaan.

The man has managed to get through her defences and keeps her hope alive. He’s the reason the get out of bed in the morning. He’s the reason to push through the terror encompassing her. He’s also her therapist. A new fear surfaces past the trauma: confessing her feelings for him.

Adriaan couldn’t possibly love her back. Not only because relationships between a therapist and their patient are not allowed, but also because she’s damaged.

Keeping her obsession secret draws Amber closer to Huub. He’s nice. He’s successful. He’s good in bed. But he’s not Adriaan.

Amber struggles through life, holding onto a small spark of hope and the love she keeps on running from.

All you need to know about Angels Around Us:

– written in first person present (have to note it since some people despise this)

– falling for the therapist (forbidden love)

– a slow burn romance

– a healing journey from panic attacks and trauma

– an emotional support dog Angel

– it is Amber’s emotional journey first and foremost and romance second. An emotional connection that grows over

time. It is not a smutty romance

– it covers several darker topics that can be triggering.


This book contains darker topics of life among which is living with trauma, anxiety, emotional abuse, self-harm, and abortion. If you are disturbed by any of that subject matter, then this book may not be for you.

If you find any more triggers I should mention while reading the book, let me know.

“There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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I look over to Adriaan’s table at the same time he looks over at us. Shit. His brother is laughing at something Adriaan must’ve said, then stands up and walks straight towards us.

“Amber, is it?” he asks once he stops right in front of us, blocking our view of the two women on the stage that are actually not that bad to listen to. “I’m Lucas. Adriaan would’ve come over, too, but he’s a pussy.” He laughs, throwing his head back, and I see his Adam’s apple bobble up and down in the rhythm of his chuckles.

I stare in disbelief. “Not how I’d describe him, but okay.”

“No? How would you describe him? Ik ben benieuwd!” Lucas has the same confidence Adriaan does as he pulls a chair over from a neighbouring table and sits down on it the wrong way around, his arms on the backrest.

“Is that what you came over here for? To talk about Adriaan?”

Lucas laughs again. He’s got such an easy laugh that is almost infectious.

“He’s here to test the waters!” Natalie exclaims. “After your performance, I’d be curious too about your feelings. Although, you did leave it all on the stage, didn’t you?”

I groan and protest. “I told you,” I squeeze through tight lips as my cheeks burn up under the scrutiny of the man looking so much like his brother but acting completely opposite to what I’d imagine Adriaan being like. “He’s just my—”

“Therapist. Yes, I heard. I also heard you’re totally drooling over him.”

“Nat!” I shout exactly at the time the music stops, and my voice carries over the murmurs of the whole bar. A few people turn to stare at the outburst. I notice Adriaan being one of them.

“She really needs a drink,” Lindsay chirps in. “She’ll loosen up quite a bit once she gets tipsy.”

I roll my eyes at her and shake my head ‘no’.

“Really?” Lucas asks. “Because I did see her give away a drink. What would you like?”

“I’m driving,” I mutter.

“She likes Sex on the Beach,” Idy helps out.

“I’ve never had sex on the―Oh, right, we’re talking about the cocktail. Seriously, I’m good. I don’t need anything.”

As if on cue, the next participant in the karaoke night, decent as she is, sings out “I wanna have sex on the beach …”

I groan. “Gosh! What are the chances? I don’t understand it, though. Who’d want to have sand all over themselves, getting stuck to the crooks and nooks of their bodies? That can’t possibly be nice.”

Lucas laughs again. I have a feeling he’s one of those easy-going happy people who can find amusement in the simplest of things. It slightly reminds me of the beginnings of my therapy sessions with Adriaan, before the topics turn sour and depressing and I drown his smile with my sorrow. The laughter gets Adriaan to look over at us again, and I see him stand up from his seat to reluctantly move closer to our table.

“There you are! I wondered how long it would take for you to decide solitude doesn’t suit you when there’s four beautiful ladies to entertain. You learn such amazing things. Did you know Amber doesn’t like sex on the beach?” The look Adriaan gives Lucas could banish demons. “No, really, apparently the cocktail is fine, but the real thing is a no go.”

“Only you could start a conversation with something as personal as preferred intercourse locations,” Adriaan replies with a raised eyebrow. “Do I even want to ask how you got to the topic?”

Victoria Liiv is a writer, reader, nature lover and traveller at heart. She has been travelling through magical worlds since a very young age and wants more than anything to share the wonder with everyone else eager to escape from all things mundane. Let it be a magical adventure through slowly darkening Earth or a soul crushing fight for survival and love while the world burns. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of romance.

She self published her debut novel Through Hell & Highwater in 2020 when the pandemics keeping her isolated gave her the reason to follow her dream of becoming an author. She hasn’t looked back since.

Her second novel, Afterworld: Road to Redemption, released September, 2022.

With many more ideas and characters keeping her awake at night this is only the beginning of her writing career.

In her everyday life she found the magic in her partner, who gave her courage to move out of Estonia, the country she was born in, to an equally small but more known The Netherlands.

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