The Dominion Trilogy by Chris R. Cloake ~ Book Tour and Giveaway

A peaceful kingdom faces an invasion by an ancient enemy of catastrophic proportions.

The Dominion Trilogy by Chris R. Cloake

Genre: Dark Epic FantasySeventeen centuries of peace in the dominion of Ordefima are shattered by the return of an ancient enemy from the east, bent on revenge for the wrongs of the past.

It falls on Rupert, the youngest son of the Marquis, to meet the challenge of this horror. With subversive forces operating from within, he must try and hold his land, family and life, together. His precious and only sister, Socha, holds a mysterious gift that brings fertility and life. When invasion looms, he faces the desperate consequences of greed and the ultimate price paid by those in love – loss.

Can he, along with the beautiful Socha, survive the seemingly insurmountable odds and find happines or will darker powers and covetous enemies prevail? This unmissable fantasy trilogy is a must for fans of legendary sagas, brooding menace, colourful locations and vivid characters.

Buy the Dominion Collection and experience the entire mythical odyssey.

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Inside, the yellowy parchments were etched with ink that was mostly black but revealed traces of blue. Flecks of dust obeyed some ancient dance as he leafed through. When he drew in a large breath it was clear he had found the text they needed. He leaned forward, raised the spectacles that hung around his long neck, and recounted the enduring words written so carefully by the hand of their oldest known ancestor, each sentence setting truth off on a winding journey to an uncertain future.

“It was in the third year since their arrival at the river and the building of the first houses that the leaders’ master plan was most severely challenged by an enemy from without. For in every swamp there will lay danger. The people learned the meaning of fear in the claws and teeth of the beast and named them Gharids.”

It was decided that weapons must be forged. After a wide search by every able man, woman and child, the ore was found in the depths of the Rolling Hills. With much combined effort, a great many swords, spears, pikes and arrows were made. Two years had passed and many innocents had been taken without reason. Their torn and devoured remains caused much consternation among the people. Such was the anger, a violence was meted out and the peril driven from the world. There was much rejoicing equalled only by a concern that killing might become commonplace. All the weapons were locked away, to be brought out but once every four years to celebrate the triumph at a Festival of Fighting where young men could demonstrate their skills in a peaceful show of strength and ingenuity. It was decreed that a defence should be constructed in case a new evil should rise from that swamp at a future time. The remarkable power of the people came once more to the fore and in under a hundred years the Wall was complete, running from the borders of Reciderva, to Odecama in the south. Assured of peace, the Dominion of Ordefima was declared and work began on a stately home for the newly appointed Marquis Wilhem, grandson of Wilhem the Settler who had claimed the land for his wandering tribe.”

Chris Cloake was born in 1964 and began telling stories a couple of years later. He grew up in Kent, England. He is motivated to write by a deep interest in life, particularly the cruel, deeply flawed nature of people contrasted with their incredible creativity and inspiration. The power of the natural world is a common theme in his work as a writer and professional photographer. He lives happily with his wife, two children and a large collection of music, books and board games.

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