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Cat Key

Publication Date: May 23, 2023

Genre: Horror / Paranormal

After the mysterious death of her grandmother, Kitt learns that she is heir to a key talisman with potent healing power, granting her a place in the mystical Order of the Keys. But dark forces also want the power, and they are willing to destroy the balance of form and void to get it. When Kitt tries to obtain her birthright, the key is accidentally lost, carried away by a common house cat in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Along with the other Key Holders, she must evade fierce, ravenous entities in order to find the cat and reclaim her key. Otherwise, the wounds in time and space will grow and darkness will consume all.

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Most grandkids might find themselves in tears after reading a letter from a recently deceased grandparent. Some might not feel much at all. But Kitt just felt confused. Loved and grieved,
certainly. But mostly confused and a little creeped out. Her eyes went back to “simple and safe” and “anything else.” What else would there be?

She folded up the letter and stuck it into her pocket. She stepped out of the car and walked up the drive toward the house. Time to find the book, and, she assumed, the necklace with the key. It would be strange to see the key again, to actually hold it. Finding it sounded simple enough. Simple and certainly safe. How could it be otherwise?

As a girl, Kitt would flush with joy at the thought of visiting Bella, but she hadn’t ever visited her alone. Her mother would never have allowed that. And when Kitt and Gwen were within Bella’s walls, Gwen would never stray far from Kitt’s side, as if she were some kind of tether holding Kitt to the ordinary world, to the simple and the safe.

Kitt always wanted to snap that tether and soar the realms of the strange, the unexplained. But now, as she walked up the path to the rust-colored door of that grey stone cottage house, she thought of all the good things tethers could do for people, for high-rise construction workers who didn’t want to splat on the concrete, for astronauts avoiding the pull of oblivion.

Because the light of Bella’s house did have its attendant shadows. Doubt was the best word Kitt could think of to describe it. If doubt could creep, whisper, if it could tap on shoulders and chuckle in ears, Kitt might have imagined it as the unseen guest she always sensed lurking in Bella’s house.

What that thing represented was unclear. Perhaps that her grandmother truly was crazy, unstable, bereft of any special powers. Or that she did have powers, but only for ill? Some of those feelings might have been her mom’s influence, but Kitt wasn’t so sure. The sense of warmth, security and love presented themselves first––the good feelings. Those energies always seemed the strongest to Kitt, but Kitt wondered if that darkness of doubt would be waiting for her now, ready to pounce on her and force its itself into her mind and heart.

She inserted the key and unlocked the door. The door opened and she entered her grandmother’s house for the first time in seven years––for the first time ever alone.


No ghosts seized Kitt when she stepped into the gloomy foyer. But she was hit with a cloud of dampness and warmth, and a smell of sodden soil, as if a dense forest surrounded her instead of bricks and wood and antiques. Interwoven in the aroma was a charred smell that made Kitt think of vampires gone to ash. All the curtains in the front room were closed, so the house was
flooded in darkness.

Kitt inhaled a couple breaths of the strange aromas, but when she sniffed a third time, she found the air was suddenly flat and stale and vacant. As though her opening the door had released some essence that had been trapped inside…

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About the Author

Mason Gallaway is a writer of mostly dark, weird, and scary stories. He is the author of CAT KEY and SEA SECRETS, and his short stories have appeared in various publications. He lives in Tennessee with his family and has a life that’s not too dark, weird, or scary.

You can find him on Instagram – @masongway, or at

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