In a world that doubts his innocence, who will dare to believe?
Chained By Conviction

by R.M. Demeester

Genre: Psychological Thriller

The community is outraged when Robert Hall, a philanthropist and devoted family man, is murdered by Kobe, a stranger.

Among the chaos, Elle, Kobe’s fiancée, is certain of two things: Kobe loves her, and he did not kill Robert. But as the weight of circumstantial evidence swallows Kobe whole, Elle vows to exonerate him at any cost. Yet, in a world that doubts his innocence, who will dare to believe?

An online sleuth, claiming to be a former co-worker, steps forward with a burning disdain for Robert, sharing a common goal to expose the real truth behind his façade. But can Elle truly trust them?

Elle struggles with a haunting question: If Kobe is truly innocent, who else wanted Robert dead? And just how far is Elle willing to go for the man she loves?

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The memory of seeing him for the first time after his arrest still lingered in my mind.

Denied bail.

The judge’s words clanged in my head. Painfully long weeks passed before I could finally visit him. He was dressed in a jumpsuit, his once-shaggy brown hair now unkempt, and his prominent cheekbones sunken. His diminished muscles reminded me of the burden he carried. His eyes bore dark circles, mirroring the torment he was still enduring. He appeared pitiful and scared as if he had aged significantly overnight.

With a quiver in his voice and fear etched in his eyes, he mustered the words: “Elle, I didn’t do it…”

His trembling sincerity wrapped around my heart, squeezing a painful sob from my throat. “Elle,” he whispered again, “I need you.” And I knew, in that desperate plea, there was more than fear… there was love.

I remembered a time before the jumpsuits, a time when Kobe would look at me, his eyes shining with a loving warmth. “You’re my rock, Elle,” he used to say, holding me close. “Without you, I’d be lost.” I swallowed it down, the bitter taste of despair lingering on my tongue. His eyes, now devoid of hope, were once vibrant and full of life. Now they just mirrored the cold, grey walls surrounding him. The Kobe I knew seemed to fade with each passing year, replaced by this shell of a man, accused of a crime he didn’t commit.”

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