Stepbrothers in the Bratva by Sylvie Haas ~ Book Tour and Giveaway

Fact: I’m a people pleaser through and through.

Fact: There is 1 thing that will make my stepbrothers happy…pleasing me.

Conclusion: Who am I to deny their happiness?!?!

Stepbrothers in the Bratva

Eggplant Canyon Phase 2: The Bratva Moves In Book 5

by Sylvie Haas

Genre: Contemporary Erotic RH Romance

Fact: I’m a people pleaser through and through.

Fact: There is 1 thing that will make my stepbrothers happy…pleasing me.

Conclusion: Who am I to deny their happiness?!?!

My four stepbrothers have very different ideas of what I should be studying and where I should get my lessons.

I say I should be studying for my science degree, while they say it should be sex ed.

I say I should be at home with my textbooks, while they say we should go to a sex club.

Compromise: A few hours at the club could be the perfect way to break up my study sessions.

But when I find out what my stepbrothers really do for a living and that my mom got caught in the crossfire, the lies unravel.

Can I trust anything my family has told me?

If you love dirty-talking stepbrothers who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman, schedule a study date with these guys.

A fast-paced, reverse harem romance novella!

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There are so many levels of naughtiness begging to be set free from me right now, I can’t think straight. I’ve never not been able to think straight, except the one time I tried to overachieve and listen to a Neil deGrasse Tyson astrophysics podcast while reading a biography on Albert Einstein.

Even my brain has limits.

Zak’s eyes bore into me in a way I can’t explain. He sees me as more than a child prodigy. He sees me. And if I’m not mistaken, he might see me as prey. The long bangs obscuring my view of his face heighten the mystery.

I wiggle in my seat while the tingling between my legs and the knot low in my belly become almost unbearable. Mentally sorting the physiological reasons this is happening, the answer is unmistakable.

My body wants sex. Okay, not just my body…I want sex. I need sex. And I need it now.

Zak breaks the silence I’d come to think was akin to the silent stillness a predator uses before consuming their prey.

“How about we make sure you’re taken care of for once, not just your mind, not just the people around you, but you, Esme, the woman?”

That’s it. He sees me as the woman I am, not the stereotypes I’ve always been.

Swoony feelings swirl through me like a tornado. What does taking care of me mean when he says it? I take care of myself, my body. I watch what I eat because, of course, I only eat healthy food and healthy portions and I do exercises to keep my brain sharp and find my potential.

He moves to the chair next to mine. His cologne is something wild, a scent none of the guys in my college classes wore. “Would you like that, Esme…me helping you unwind, have a little fun, enjoy yourself?”

I think back to what I did as soon as I arrived. I started cleaning. I don’t even know how to enjoy myself without pleasing someone else. I couldn’t even lay in the sun properly.

“I think I’d like that.”

“I think my soulmate has just landed in my life as my stepsister,” Yakov says. He has the most innocent look of all of the brothers, and after that, I attribute it to a softer side. But soulmate…that’s a bit much.

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Sylvie Haas obsesses over dirty-talking heroes who fall hard and fast for the women of their dreams. And often you’ll find heroes, yes plural, in one book because Sylvie has such a hard time making the heroine choose one possessive guy.

On most days, you can find Sylvie with the wind in her hair, her fingers on the keyboard, and her mind in the gutter as she thinks up new places her characters can get frisky.

Sylvie Haas books will always deliver a happily ever after, and even though they’re short, they’ll leave you satisfied!

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