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Erotica For the Refined Palate

Volume 1

by Bridget Doone

Genre: Mature Erotic Romance



When Candy Blue, a randy romantic fiction writer, forms an inappropriate bond with a married man, he involves his wife, Sue, who invites Candy to dinner with the intention of exacting satisfaction, and in the most creative and unexpected ways.


When Ryan Axel meets his girlfriend’s parents at a hockey game in Tampa, he’s shocked to discover her mother, Maxine, is the woman he knows as Roxanne, a sexy mature who used to frequent his bar, and he’s determined to pick up where they left off – and during the game.


Covid restrictions have lifted and Shannon finally gets a face-to-face with Steve Smith, a Canadian she befriended in a cheater’s chat room during the pandemic, but their indiscretion takes an unexpected turn when her domineering best friend and a young limo driver get involved.


Married, but not to each other, Country Club neighbors Krystal and Blake steal away to Cancun to masquerade as husband and wife at a swinger’s resort, with the intention of living out their disparate fantasies, and without complicating their long-term friendship.

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Part Two: The Hat Trick

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Hand Jive

When they were almost up on the vehicle, Maxine tapped her key fob and the locks and lights on the Range Rover jumped to life and the hatch began to lift.

“Wow,” Ryan exclaimed, with an approving nod, “this is a big step up from your Honda; guessing this is Don’s car.”

“It’s OUR car,” she said, reaching for Don’s XXXL Tom Brady teeshirt with the goat on it.

“That husband of yours is huge,” said Ryan, “Guessing if you get any sex at all, it’s doggy.” He laughed, then his voice dropped an octave and took on a decidedly more desirous timbre. “I’d make love to you missionary.”

He stepped back and squatted to get a better view of Maxine’s perfectly fabulous fanny bent over the tailgate.

“Work my tongue low between your legs, then lick you north, stopping to probe your pussy and flick your clit . . .”

Oh my God that’s hot, Maxine thought, as she continued to dig through Don’s old gym bag; he hadn’t worked out in over a year. What would he think if he knew his wife had an itch she wanted his daughter’s new boyfriend to scratch.

“then up your tummy over your beautiful breasts – oh I’d have to stop there for a good long suck and nibble – that’s for sure. By then you’d be pulling on my shaft, begging for it. I’d nudge my thick tip between your soft wet slit and bury it in you.”

Ryan was pretty proud of his improvised monologue and quite sure it had wetted her panties – and it had – but Maxine showed no indication of it and threw a towel at him.

“Cover me,” she said, removing her black leather jacket.

“Gladly!” Ryan replied, wide-eyed, holding the towel up in front of her. She clutched the hem of her wet sweater then turned her back to him, lifted the garment over her head, and flung it in the back of the Range Rover.

“Oh COME on!” Ryan whined like a spoiled child, and when Maxine unclasped her bra and threw it in after, he stomped his foot.

“Turn around! Show me your tits! After all those free drinks I gave you? You OWE me!”

But very quickly Maxine was swallowed up in the teeshirt’s abundant yardage and without the reveal Ryan was hoping for. He huffed, dropped the towel, and deflated, looking so beautifully sad, Maxine felt a twinge of guilt.

“I’m sorry, Ryan,” she said, holding his hands, peering up at him, “but we have to get back; the game has started.”

Ryan interlaced his fingers with hers, pinned her arms behind her back, and pierced her with his penetrating eyes.

“One kiss, one squeeze, one feel – same as last time – please Roxy,” he begged. And although she knew she was putting herself in the path of temptation, Maxine tilted her head back, shut her eyes, and leaned into it.

“Mmmmmmm, mama,” Ryan moaned, as he snaked his sweet tongue down deep into her mouth and dug the long, strong fingers of his left hand into her round bottom. When he pressed his right palm to her breast and squeezed it through the flimsy fabric, the marshmallow flesh of her mature mams overwhelmed his fingers.

“Damn! Roxy. You are the hottest MILF I’ve never fucked!” he added, flexing his hips into hers.

“Don’t be so crude,” she said, feigning disgust, but Ryan’s youthful enthusiasm was as intoxicating as his double gin and tonics. And he was right, she had wanted it, but sanity had ruled the day. Now, history was repeating itself and she wished for an alternate ending. Unfortunately that was impossible.

“We need to go,” Maxine said, breaking the spell they were casting over each other. She reached for her jacket and hit the key fob and the back hatch began to lower.

“NO!” he blurted, snatching the keys from her and the hatch began to rise. “Just a little more. PLEASE!”

And before Maxine could decide whether or not to give him extra time to do whatever it was, Ryan lifted her onto the edge of the tailgate then ran his fingers up the back of her neck, raking her red hair and tipping the Bolts cap free. He knotted her mane in his fist and kissed her hard, then pressed her down onto her back, resting her head on a blanket. And caught up in that fiercely romantic flow, she returned his affection, green-lighting an escalation. He rolled on top of her, wedged his knees between her legs, and began to hickey and dry hump her on the cargo mat.

“Oh my God, this is insane,” Maxine groaned, as she tried to muster the will to fight her carnal craving for him.

“Damn it, baby,” Ryan said, struggling unsuccessfully to unzip her jeans, “Wish you would have worn one of your low-cut dresses.”

He chuckled.

“Ryan, this is futile,” said Maxine, pushing him off and making her way to standing, “We have to stop. We’re going to get caught!”

“OK OK you’re right.” he said, resigned, and he crawled out after her. “Just do me one little favor before we go back.”

“What favor?” she said, looking at her watch, frowning.

“Let me put my hand under that teeshirt.”

BRIDGET DOONE is a fiction author living and working on the Space Coast of Florida. For much of her life, she’s been a network engineer, technical writer, and corporate trainer, and although still working in that capacity, as of late she’s been indulging her wanton imagination, writing erotica for a group of people largely abandoned by the genre – horny folks over 50.

To learn more about Bridget’s current and future offerings, including short stories and excerpts from her racy novels and very naughty novellas, visit her website at

You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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How did Erotica for the Refined Palate: Volume 1, happen?

With much of my second erotic romance novel, Sally Rides Double, written, I suddenly found myself at a crossroads with respect to the plot twist. I decided to leave it alone and write a short story in hopes that diversion would spark some needed inspiration. I called the story The Conjugal Visit, and I wrote it in first person/present tense with the intention of making my female readers feel like the steamy carnal encounter was happening to them in real time. But fueled by a steady diet of estrogen and testosterone, I had managed to cram a novel’s worth of salacious activity into 3,200 words; there was barely a place for the reader to take a breath. It was so over-the-top naughty, I felt more comfortable sending it to my male beta readers, and so I did. Surprisingly (or not), the men enjoyed my overly explicit and immersive narrative, and I got so excited about their enthusiastic response, I forgot all about my novel and immediately embarked on writing another short story, and this time inspired by one of those reviewers. I called it Me and You and a Wife Named Sue, but having reached the end of it, I realized there was much more I could do with it, and so I added two more chapters. At that point, it wasn’t a short story, but it wasn’t a novel either; it was a novelette, and along with its cousin, the novella, these formats became my preferred word-count range. Over the next 18 months or so, I wrote three additional novelettes/novellas. I put the four together and Erotica for the Refined Palate: Volume 1 was published in June 2023.

I’ve been told that novelettes/novellas are not that popular, but I find them to be a perfect fit for my writing style. I have so many stories to tell and 10,000 to 20,000 words gives me just the right amount of room to balance all of the erotic activity with character development and background. And because they’re shorter than a novel, I can compose them in a shorter time frame and get them to my readers in a more timely fashion. Having said that, I’m not abandoning novels and short stories. In fact, I’ve already written a second short story. It’s called The Accidental Unicorn, and like The Conjugal Visit, it is first person/present tense titillation from start to finish. If you want liftoff in under 15 minutes, check out the shorts at

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