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Knuckles (Flying Panthers MC #3)

Publication Date: August 30, 2023

Genre: MC Romance

Unspoken love will always shout the loudest… But what if it’s too late for its voice to be heard?

Despite looking tough on the outside, The Flying Panthers’ road captain, Knuckles, has a big heart and longs to find ‘the one’… a longing so strong that it’s kept him from ever having a serious relationship.

There’s someone on his mind, but he’s terrified of losing her as a friend if he tries to make it anything more.

Mel owns the new bakery and coffee shop in town, and Knuckles has been helping her with protection against the trouble brewing in the street outside… He’s falling for her fast, and she has a crush on him too – but neither of them is ever going to say anything for fear of it not working out.

When Mel gets a new boyfriend, Knuckles finally owns up to his feelings… But it seems it’s too late… and what’s more, her boyfriend is a cop… one with his sights set on The Flying Panthers.

Mel is fiercely loyal, and there’s no way she’d keep something like this from Knuckles, but as soon as she tells him about the cop’s plans, things go from bad to worse. She’s isolated and alone… and in far more danger than she realizes.

This is Knuckles’ opportunity to show her what he’s made of… Mel longs for someone to fight for her, and she needs that now more than ever. But is there too much at stake for Knuckles to tell her how deeply he truly feels… and will Mel have enough trust left in her to brave another romance?

This thrilling friends-to-lovers story is a tale of love, loyalty, and passion. Rich with injustice and peril, it will leave you on the edge of your seat as you root for Knuckles and Mel to find the love they truly deserve.

Dive headfirst into a thrilling high-stakes romance

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About the Author


She loves writing contemporary steamy romance that you make you feel so many different emotions throughout her books!

She loves to go for long walks on the beach or the woods, she finds that fresh air gives her a great inspiration. Also loved to sit and watch people pass by and visit different places and go back home and create beautiful steamy romances!

Lottie Berki


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