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We are thrilled to present the cover of A Court of Fire and Frost: A Romeo and Juliet Retelling by Daniela A. Mera and Elayna R. Gallea! Read on for more details and pre-order this beauty today!

a court of frost and fire

A Court of Fire and Frost: A Romeo & Juliette Retelling (Legends of Love)

Expected Publication Date: October 4, 2023

Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ Vampire Romance

This delicious Romeo and Juliet retelling with a better ending is perfect for fans of Crescent City and The Cruel Prince.

Two opposing courts. Fate decrees they cannot be. Will love win in the end?

Elva is many things, but a good Fae is not one of them. Circumstances molded her into the Fae she is today. Cold. Heartless. Uncaring. She spends her days hunting the worst criminals and ignoring the rest of the world. Or she did until she met a Summer Fae who she can’t get out of her head.

The day Nathaniel sees his life flash before his eyes, he’s freezing. A Summer Fae, out of place in the land of winter. She turns around, and they lock eyes. Right then, everything changes. It doesn’t matter that she’s Winter and he’s Summer. Nothing matters except her.

Every time they meet, their forbidden connection grows. Getting close to each other is a recipe for disaster. But they can’t help it. When Elva’s past catches up with her, and she disappears, their connection may be the only thing that saves her.

This book is a complete, stand-alone story in a larger series. “Legends of Love” are the perfect books for fans of fantasy romance who love sweet love stories, powerful ladies, danger, political intrigue, and epic journeys. Setting classic stories in an urban setting with vampires, fae, merfolk, angels, daemons, and werewolves makes them all the more enticing.

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About the Authors

Daniela A. Mera

Daniela A. Mera is a life-long storyteller. She was born into a royal Fae family in Scotland. She was a free spirit who loved traveling and cloud-watching while laying on velvet-soft grass. When she came of age, her mother forced her to travel to Las Vegas in order to kill a dragon and conquer a neighboring kingdom. The dragon turned out to be a man, whom she fell wildly in love with. The couple ran away to the gentle hills of Mexico, where Daniela ate lots of tacos and fruits the size of her head and started writing books. …Something along those lines, anyway.

Elayna R. Gallea

Elayna R. Gallea is a whimsical weaver of words, creating tales of romantic fantasy. Nestled in the enchanting land of New Brunswick, Canada, she lives with her husband and two younglings. When she’s not writing fantastical stories, she eats copious amounts of chocolate and cheese, reads every day, and plays with her dogs and cats.

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