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We are thrilled to share the cover of Shadow Gaze (Season 1 of the Silver series) by Yara Gharios. Behind this beauty you will find all kinds of supernatural goodness so be sure to pre-order yourself a copy!

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Shadow Gaze (Silver Series Season 1)

Expected Publication Date: September 19, 2023

Genre: Urban Fantasy

⭐Supernatural Beings
⭐Bad-A$$ Female MC
⭐New Adult
⭐Forced Proximity
⭐Grumpy/ Sunshine

Shadow Gaze is the first season of the Silver series, which combines the first three episodes, already digitally published, as well as an exclusive bonus episode titled Rebirth.

Set before the timeline of the main series, Rebirth follows the titular Silver in the early days of her life as a supernatural. Shedding her human identity, she starts over at her skinwalker friends’ sanctuary for supernatural runaways where she has to navigate complicated new relationships while mastering her mysterious powers. Meanwhile, back at the estate, Adam struggles to come to terms with his own supernatural existence and adapt to his horrifying new reality.

Series Overview

After months of captivity, Silver ran away from the evil vamphyr that had turned and imprisoned her. Shedding her old identity, she went into hiding and spent years in training. Knowing full well that her old Master has been looking for her, she has been preparing herself for the day when she would go back to her old prison and carry out her revenge.

However, nothing in the world could have prepared Silver for the hybrid and the human that were forced into her life one day. The hybrid, Adam, could report her back to her old Master at any time, but their shared history puts them on the same side—for now. Tolerating the human, on the other hand, presents a huge challenge.

Bubbly, energetic, and raging with excitement about everything supernatural that she discovers, Theresa has the complete opposite reaction a normal human should have to the secret world of vamphyrs, werewolves, and skinwalkers. At first, Silver was intent on keeping the girl safe, since she made it her life’s mission to protect humans. But the girl’s overactive imagination and string of never ending questions are a constant headache and keep derailing Silver’s plans.

Nevertheless, no matter how much Theresa pesters her, the one thing Silver will never reveal to anyone, least of all her two unwanted stowaways, is the secret behind her having silver pearls for eyes.

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About the Author


Lebanese writer Yara Gharios has been making up stories for as long as she could remember. She was a double–major undergraduate student studying both Translation and English Literature. Under the pen name Sahar Ghayar, she wrote several novels in her free time since she was 11 but didn’t actively pursue publishing them yet. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Leeds with an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication and started working as an Analyst.

After a small publishing house came across one of her stories, written in French intermittently when she was 13 to 15, they signed her for a one–book–deal. She released her first novel at 17 in her home country through traditional publishing. It was only when “Masked SheWolf” garnered some attention at online reading websites that she considered self–publishing.

Yara Gharios

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