Castles and Cauldrons by Tammy Tyree ~ Book Tour and Giveaway

Join Alexandra Heale, now the High Priestess of underground witches, as she battles demonic nuns and faces the Witch Hunters to save her kidnapped best friend, Penny.

Castles & Cauldrons

The Castle Point Witch Series Book 2

by Tammy Tyree

Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural Ghost Thriller

Castle Point’s nunnery is wreaking havoc on Alexandra Heale’s personal property. The nuns, under the rule of an ancient demon, are acting anything but holy.

Alexandra’s best friend and fellow witch, Penny, is missing, presumably kidnapped and being held by the Witch Hunters in the bowels of Castle Dagon.

Alexandra, now High Priestess of the underground witch population, is already at the mercy of Blake Sheraton, Deputy Sheriff sworn to uphold Earl Dagon’s ancient law against the practice of witchcraft.

Battling another demon and a group of possessed nuns while trying to save her friend will surely cinch her fate.

Alexandra, torn between her love/hate feelings for Blake and her desire to exist, enlists the help of badass Master Herbalist and burgeoning witch, Theodora Cunningham, to do the impossible; create a potion that would banish the demon and bring peace back to Castle Point.

If only they could do so without being captured and burned at the castle pyre…

If you love the classic Witches of Practical Magic, the paranormal investigations of the Palmetto Point Witch Series by Wendy Wang, or the slow-burn romance and humor of The Witches of Hollow Cove by Kim Richardson, then you’ll love this book!

“Castles & Cauldrons” is the intensely gratifying, edge-of-your-seat second book in the Castle Point Paranormal Witch series, written by award-winning author, Tammy Tyree!

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Earl Dagon was chasing me.

I couldn’t see his face, but I could hear him, his heavy footsteps were closing in on me. My breath quickened as I slipped in and out of the dark corners of Castle Dagon, desperately trying to find a place to hide. I could almost feel his breath, hot and putrid, as he huffed and puffed with the pace of his footsteps. His voice, a thought floating through my own mind.

“You can’t hide from me, Evelyn. I know you’re here. I will find you, my darling. You will be mine again.”

I opened my mouth to scream “No!” but nothing came. Chilly spikes of fear stabbed every part of me. I lunged forward, into another dark corner, heading toward the castle door. The Earl, hearing me, quickly shifted, and closed in on me once again. 

Every step I took felt like running through sludge. My feet, heavy with fear and tired from running, threatened to fail me before reaching the door. I pulled every ounce of energy from my being and prepared to take the final lunge, from the darkness to the door, only a few short steps away. I pulled back, like a cat about to pounce, and, with heavy legs, leaped forward, willing the voluminous sludge to release my feet. I lunged for the door.

Earl Dagon snarled his footsteps right behind me. A large, clammy hand clasped around my neck, forcing me back, then spinning me around, toppling me to the ground…

I woke up when I hit the floor.

Relief flooded my body as I looked around, recognizing my bedroom. I was wrapped in a burrito of blankets and sheets, laying on the floor. Sticky sweat dampened the sheets and my hair, now clinging to my face and wrapped around my neck…like a large hand, choking me.

It was a dream. A really terrible, awful, very bad dream.

They were coming more frequently now. Since my daring jaunt to Castle Dragon in an effort to get a peek at an ancient book sequestered under lock and key in the library.  Blackjack and I had taken a wee nap in an off-tour bedroom waiting for everyone to skedaddle. I had my first dream of the Earl then. He seemed to be mistaking me for ‘his’ Evelyn of Cumbria – the witch he professed to love, who broke his heart and ended up buying on the castle pyre.

The Earl Dagon wasn’t after me. He wasn’t even alive. He was a piece of my history, my ancestry long since dead.

Thank the Goddess.

Blackjack sauntered into the room as I attempted to free my arms from their tangled position.  He jumped up on my chest and sat.

“Havin’ some troubles, woman?” My familiar’s silky voice floated through my mind.

“A bad dream, Blackjack.”

Blackjack lay where he sat, curling his paws under his chest. “I heard a thump. Did you fall off the bed? Or have you taken to sleeping on the floor?”

I peered at him, my arms still trapped in the blankets, gobs of hair masking my face. “I fell off the bed, you goober.”

“Oh, what fun.” Blackjack’s emerald green eyes, a match to my own, glistened. “You should probably get off the dusty floor. You’re not the best housekeeper, you know. Your dust bunnies have dust bunnies,” he proceeded to pull out a paw and lick it.

“Ever so helpful, as always, you mangy brat.”

Witches & Walk-In’s

The Castle Point Witch Series Book 1

Indulge in a spellbinding blend of supernatural enchantment, sassy wit, and addictive witchy tales that will leave you utterly bewitched.”

Betty Burke has just awakened from a long coma, but there’s a problem; she’s not Betty.

Whip-smart hypnotherapist Alexandra Heale leads a double life. A natural-born witch, she lives under a death sentence. But she’s been too clever to get caught.

When she tries to help Betty; a woman possessed by a traumatized spirit, Alex finds herself under attack.

Against her better judgment, she enlists the help of Deputy Sheriff Blake Sheraton, a man she swore to hate, who maybe isn’t so bad – if he could keep her secrets and ignore his pledge to uphold an evil law.

The world of demons is about to descend on peaceful Castle Point, and only one witch can stop the unthinkable.

Even if it costs her life.

If you love the classic Witches of Practical Magic, the paranormal investigations of the Palmetto Point Witch Series by Wendy Wang, or the slow-burn romance and humor of The Witches of Hollow Cove by Kim Richardson, then you’ll love this book!

“Witches and Walk-Ins” is the pulse-pounding first book in the Castle Point Paranormal Witch series, written by award-winning author, Tammy Tyree!

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The cool air tickled my arms. Tiny hairs rose with the gooseflesh. Small mounds of pimpled thermometers popped up over my arms, chest, and neck.

I heard a beeping sound, faint at first, then slowly it became louder and closer. The scent of cleanser assaulted me, harsh and chemical.

My eyes stayed firmly shut as if glued at the seam, or tiny weights held the lids down. My breath came in rhythmic,  even bursts.

What was that in my mouth? My tongue wiggled and slammed against the hard plastic. I couldn’t taste anything other than stale, rotting breath, but I could tell something was firmly lodged in my mouth.

What the hell was it?

Why was it there?

I forced my eyes open a fraction. Moonlight filtered through the splintered cracks of my heavy lids and shattered against my eyes. Too bright! I closed them again, only long enough for my tongue to push up against the plastic in my mouth.

I could feel it now, not just in my mouth, but going down my throat. A swell of panic ran from my toes to my nose. I wanted to gag.

Spurred by the beeping beside me, louder now, my eyes flew open. I tried to sit up. I couldn’t move. I laid back against the softness of what must be a bed and peered around the room.

A hospital room.

I felt a heaviness as if underwater, the weight of my arms, legs, and chest making it difficult to see or breathe. The scent of cleanser pierced the back of my nose as I tried to breathe.

What was that thing in my mouth and down my throat? I forced my eyes to open wider, but they burned and felt gritty like someone had sprinkled fine sand under the lids. I blinked several times to clear the grit. My eyes took a while to adjust.

I looked down and saw a tube coming out of my mouth. My heart rate sped up. The beeping beside me kept pace as it beat faster and faster.

Why did I wake up in a hospital?

Was I in an accident?

The beeping sped up again, fast enough to send a wail of high-pitched signals through my room and into the adjoining hallway.

The large door burst open, startling me, which made the beeping speed up yet again. A nurse with short dark hair, dark-circled eyes, wearing pink scrubs with multicolored cartoon puppies on her shirt rushed in.

“Betty! Oh my god, she’s awake!” she practically screamed, to whom I couldn’t imagine. I assumed she was talking about me, however, as she leaped to the beeping machine and pressed a button to stop the noise.

Much better.

But… Betty?

Was that my name?

Demons, witches and ghosts – oh my!

Tammy (she/her) writes about what she knows – ghosts, hauntings, entities, witches, demonology and the paranormal!

A Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tammy infuses; tales from her actual case files of demonic possession and entity attachment with her knowledge of ancient demonic lore and witchcraft into artfully woven fiction and memoir.

Her upcoming ‘Castle Point Witch Series’ is due to release in early 2023 and promises to be full of paranormal goodness.

Her memoir ‘Dead Men Still Snore’ is a page-turning, award-winning true story of love, loss and channelling her husband’s messages from the other side.

Visit for more info about Tammy, her work and to receive updates for future books

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