Guest Post & Giveaway: The River of God’s Presence by Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard


Book Details:

Book Title:  The River of God’s Presence by Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  316 pages
Genre: Christian Spiritual Life
Publisher:  Images of Light Publishing, LLC
Release date:  October  2022
Content Rating:  This Christian book is rated G.

Book Description:

One night, Jesus caught Jeannine up in the most vivid dream of her life. In this dream, He flew her around the world and revealed how His presence is like the river of God. By contemplating the rivers in Scripture with Him, Jeannine began to understand what happens when we encounter His presence. From Genesis through Revelation, Jesus revealed to her how the rivers in Scripture can metaphorically depict what happens in God’s presence and how Jesus invites us to commune with Him.

Regardless of your experience with God, this book will take you deeper and further in your spiritual life, and you will be more aware of His presence and all that is available to you within it. Studying the river of God will compel you to spend time with Him, where you will find the answers to all the “whats?” and the “whys?” and the “hows?” and the “what-ifs?” you’ve been asking. You will discover in His presence the best inspiration for life.

As you read The River of God’s Presence, you will become more aware of His presence, and you will learn to live from the place of His presence. As this occurs, the beauty of His presence will flow out from your relationship with Him in such a way that it affects every aspect of your life!

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Meet the Author:

Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard is an author, teacher, and international speaker. She is gifted in understanding the supernatural and how God speaks to His children. Jeannine seeks to help people know God and how He uniquely created them to reflect His Light and love to the world. Through her understanding of the ways of God and the importance of communion with Him, Jeannine helps people encounter God personally, while understanding their ability to bring Heaven to Earth through friendship with Jesus. Jeannine and her husband, Ian, live in Idaho with their two beloved dogs, Jimmy & Johnny. Jeannine also enjoys connecting with God and others through art, singing, and storytelling.

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In 2007, Jesus spoke to me at the end of a dream in which He flew me around what felt like all the rivers on the earth. He said, “Jeannine there is a reason my presence is likened to the river of God. If you will study the rivers in Scripture, I will show you what happens in My presence.”

Dreams are a significant way that God has spoken to me since I was a child. Job 33:14-17 says in a dream or a vision of the night, He opens up our ears and seals His instruction. Most dreams require interpretation which entails looking at the main symbols in the dream and asking the Holy Spirit for metaphorical understanding of each of them to come to the meaning of the dream. It’s important to ask the Holy Spirit instead of relying on one’s own understanding as all interpretations belong to God (Genesis 40:8).

God sometimes gives clear directions in dreams as well, the way He did to Joseph when He instructed him to flee to Egypt, to go back to the land of Israel, and to go to Galilee (Matthew 2). I love it when He gives such instruction as it is much easier to understand how to respond to the dream.

When I woke up from the dream Jesus gave me about His presence being likened to the river of God, I was eager to read through what happened in, by, over, and through rivers in Genesis through Revelation. As I spent time in prayer and meditation, I sensed God speaking to me in metaphor through the river passages. This is how I wrote each of the 33 invitations in the chapters of the book.

For example, in Exodus 2, Moses’ mom puts him in the river to save him from being killed, As I pondered this passage with Jesus, I sensed Him saying that in the river of His presence, we are saved from the enemy who wishes to destroy us. To then ground what I sensed from God, I asked Him to show me an example in the Bible in which He saved someone from the enemy. I did this for each of the invitations and share the Bible stories in each one to encourage readers in who God is and how He moves in our lives. Because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, what He did for others in the Bible, we can expect Him to do for us.

My sincere prayer is for readers of The River of God’s Presence to encounter God deeply and personally, for more of His nature and His love for them to be revealed, and for them to be drawn ever closer to His heart.

NOTE: If you are interested in learning more about biblical dream interpretation, we have a free teaching podcast available on It is called, “Dreams: God’s Night Parables and can be found in the resources section. The podcast is in two parts and is nearly 4 hours in length.

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