Nine Bear Lodge by Keith A. Hamilton ~ Excerpt and Giveaway

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NINE BEAR LODGE by Keith A. Hamilton

GENRE: Fiction


The beautiful Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia provides a dramatic backdrop in a story of two men who crossed paths years before, who meet again by chance. Taking his family on a bucket list vacation, a former smuggler confronts the former policeman who had arrested and tortured him many years before. The family enjoys the luxury setting and the variety of activities provided by the Nine Bear Lodge, while the two men come to grips with their shared past. Will one man take the ultimate revenge, or will they both find a path to redemption and reconciliation?


It was amazing. Hans had been to water holes in Africa, so he knew what he should have expected. But he was not prepared for this. The polynya was wide, perhaps two or three kilometres or more in length, and he estimated maybe a kilometre wide at the widest point. The open water was a brilliant, almost turquoise, colour, which contrasted with the white snow and blue-green ice. There were a number of walrus piled up on the ragged edge of the ice opening, grunting and cavorting, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. In the water he could see the tusks of a small pod of Narwhal as they hunted for small prey. There were also Beluga whales. Small and white, they looked like large porpoises. They made a nasal grunt as they communicated with each other. And there were seals, a whole colony parked on the opposite side of the opening from the walrus.

“Your bear is over there, do you see?” asked the guide. “We must be very careful now not to provoke or alarm it.”

But Hans couldn’t see the bear. He was still absorbing the sights in front of his disbelieving eyes. “How can you see that well? I can hardly see at all in this glare,” Hans exclaimed.

“Inuit must see the bear before the bear sees him. We eat or he eats.”

They tracked the bear carefully. It was slowly moving in on the seals, which were its favourite meal.

“If we are careful, we will catch him while he is feeding. Many of the seals will get away, but he will get one, I am sure.”


Since the early 1990s, Keith A. Hamilton has lived and worked in small remote Indigenous communities throughout Northern and Western Canada. He has made Bella Coola his home since 2016. He and his wife and their dog enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Central Coast region.

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