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Mayatte’s Catharsis: A Feathered Serpent Reborn
Jack E. Mohr
Publication date: December 12th 2022
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult

The mythical Island of Mayatte was never meant to be discovered by anyone, and its natives are about to find out why.

When a ship of foreigners crashes along the coast, everyone but Naña is wary of their inexplicable arrival. While others are suspicious and fearful, Naña is curious and even helpful, especially when one of the outsiders becomes gravely ill. But her goodwill might be a fatal flaw that puts the entire island in jeopardy.

While she grows closer to the foreigners, they discover something that could revolutionize the outside world. A resource so powerful, they’re compelled to harvest it at any cost. Naña is now pit against forces that could wipe her people from existence. How can she stop an enemy that’s more powerful than any of them can handle?

Mayatte’s Catharsis is a bittersweet tale of humanity in all its madness. Follow Naña through mystic battles, political unrest, and acts of kindness with magic leading every step of the way.

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Zeke squinted his eyes in reaction to her reddish glow. He took a deep breath, filling the top of his lungs. “But I can help! I have knowledge of their weaponry, their tactics, and their mindset.”

“You have helped enough…believe me. It’s best you hide until the intruders are ridden. Just like on Murminilia.”

“But—” He reached for her arm, and winced. “Ouch! Your skin. It’s burning.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Why do you seek to touch me?”

He broke eye contact. “I don’t know,” he said, shifting his gaze to the Whispering Trees. He rubbed his elbow and tucked his chin. “I…I, I think I love you.”

She remained stoic. “Has Mayatte taught you nothing? Even when we are in peril, you still can’t see past yourself—past your desires. You have put an entire ecosystem in danger, all the while lust and power fill your heart.”

His lip trembled. “But—”

“There is no but. There is no love, only Mayatte. What you feel is a desire to control and conquer. You want to be a part of me so you can understand me. That is not love. There is no love here. There is only Mayatte. She sought to embrace you, and you betrayed her for your own gain. You do not love me, you are not Mayatte, you love yourself.”

Zeke’s knees weakened as he was struck with blow after blow of veracity.

Small blotches hindered Naña’s vision, yet she revealed no weakness. She closed her eyes and inhaled high and deep. “And despite all of this, Mayatte always offers forgiveness and extends a means of absolution.”

Zeke quivered from the thunder of a booming hollow drum. He turned his head, seeking out the source of the loud rhythmic beating.

As he scanned the island, he couldn’t help but notice that the entire skyline was flooded with military-grade helicopters.

He sunk even further within himself, refusing to even look in Naña’s direction. Without hesitating or looking back, he burst into a full sprint towards the helicopters.

“Where are you going? Do not be foolish!” Naña crumbled, groveling in pain. What’s happening to me? She leaned against the base of a whispering tree, propping herself to her feet.

She attempted to give pursuit to Zeke, but both femurs fractured with her initial step, crumbling her body to the island floor. She hollered out in agony. I can’t just lay here. Get up, Naña! All this has happened because of me.

Author Bio:

Thank you for visiting my author page. I’m just a guy who likes to write. You can reach me on instagram or twitter via my handle @Jackwritesmohr

If you love adventures, you will enjoy my stories …

Because they are imaginative, fast paced, page turners.

Also looking for ARC readers for my next release. Please reach out if interested.

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