Country Snow and Mistletoe

A Wyoming Romance Novel Book 1

by Anne Carrole

Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance

To risk or not risk: that is the question? A second-chance, enemies-to-lovers novel.

Career-minded Lexi Russell seeks a calm, predictable life that doesn’t require taking chances. But coming home to Wyoming for Thanksgiving, she finds out her carefully orchestrated life has imploded. Her “perfect” boyfriend has been cheating on her, her lucrative job has been eliminated, and the family ranch is on the chopping block. In addition, the teenage boy who broke her heart one summer a decade ago has turned into a handsome cowboy who’s planning on buying her family’s ranch with a low ball offer and her parents’ blessing. She’s got to figure out a way to help her parents avoid a serious mistake, find a new job, and stop her growing attraction to the cowboy who dumped her. With Christmas on the horizon, things take an unexpected turn that will force her to decide whether love is worth the risk.

What had been the worst few days of her life grew exponentially worse as Lexi stared across the table at Cort McClane in the flesh. It had been years since she’d seen him. Ten years and three months, in fact.

Unfortunately, he looked better than she remembered.

If only he’d gotten a paunch belly and gone bald. But no. He looked trim and fit and had gained some impressive muscle, as revealed by the rolled-up sleeves of his plaid flannel shirt. His hair was the same rich coffee color, and there was plenty of it, with a lock falling over his forehead. His blue eyes seemed bluer against tanned and weathered skin. And then there was that mouth of his, lit up in a smile as he stared back at her.

Like it was yesterday, she could remember his lips caressing hers as he taught her about kissing. French kissing, to be exact. Her sixteen-year-old self had been in love with him. She hadn’t had much judgment at sixteen, and, apparently, at twenty-six, it hadn’t gotten any better, at least where men were concerned.

“You must remember Cort from that summer he was here,” her mother said. “You taught him how to ride, if I recall.”

Lexi forced a smile. “Surprised to see you, Cort.” That was an understatement.

Anne Carrole is an award-winning author of contemporary and historical western romances. Raised on a farm with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and whatever other animals she could convince her parents to shelter, she’s married to her own sweet-talking hero and the proud mother of a twenty-something cowgirl. Besides Country Snow and Mistletoe, you can also enjoy her popular Hearts of Wyoming contemporary series where love gets a second chance. Visit her website at

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