A Beautiful Lie
Coda Languez
(Birth of a Sin, #1)
Publication date: June 1st 2022
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Mafia, Romance

Could the love between a Sinner and a Saint only end in flames?

Ira owned the city. As the head of the Dante family, she had the law in her pocket and her red manicured nails in every criminal enterprise.

But when she met Tristan – a man with ocean blue eyes and an angelic smile – it was love at first sight. It didn’t matter that he owned nothing to his name and lived in the worst part of her city. Anything he could desire, she could give him.

There was just a tiny problem.

Tristan was a vigilante. A partner of the hero whose mission was to take down Ira’s empire.

Will their relationship, built on pretty promises and beautiful lies, unravel under his secret, or does that really matter?

Either way, Ira had her eyes set on her prize and she always gets what she wants. Damn his feelings on the matter.

Originally on Kindle Vella!

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Author Bio:

Coda Languez is a Software Engineer by day and an Artist/Author by night. She is lover of all things anime, horror, and comic related, making her a true geek in all aspects. Heavily influenced by the works of Satoshi Kon, Kouta Hirano, Francesca Lia Block, and Clive Barker, Coda mixes black comedy, horror, magic realism, and dark romance into her works, creating an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship between readers and her anti-heroic, even villainous protagonists.

When she is not programming in her day job or writing psychological terrifying romances and dark action comedies in the night hours, Coda often binges on anime, fantasy, and sci-fi sagas and indulges in competition reality tv (a guilty pleasure). She is the mother of an adorable toddler and his Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers, and wife to an awesome and often exasperated husband.

For information on Coda’s latest works, visit codemonkeyarts.com or connect with her on social media via @codemonkeyarts.

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What was your inspiration for writing the A BEAUTIFUL LIE?

Whenever I come up with a story, I come up with the characters first. The main character Ira and her beau Tristan, came from a scene in the Arkham Knight video game between Jason Todd and the Joker. Something about the full corruption angle of a heroic young man joining the side of pure evil spoke to me. I considered Harley Quinn’s relationship with The Joker and how that started. I wanted to bring in that dark sadistic destruction of Jason Todd into the romantic angle of Harley Quinn. Thus I made Tristan and Ira.

From there, I had to think of their backgrounds and the setting. With the Super Hero inspiration, I kept that Science Fiction super powered aspect. I needed more characters to flesh out the world and my two starring characters, so I chose a theme for the Super Villain group.

The Seven Sins. 

I went with the organized criminal angle (Mafia) and thus the family name of Dante stuck.

Birth of a Sin start out as a short prequel to Tristan’s initiation into the Dante Family. However, the more I outlined the story, the longer it grew. Instead of a tragic novella, I created a 190k train wreck. I spent a lot of time coming up with a backstory for not Ira and Tristan but also the rest of the sins to introduce them as a super villain troupe. Tristan was inspired by a sidekick of the Joker’s arch-nemesis so I created that arch-nemesis for the unhinged Ira (aka Wrath). She needed her own backstory as well.

It’s funny how a simple, dark, and crude idea blossomed into something so much more. 

My fascination with villain protagonists and the enemies to lovers/corruption trope brought to life a niche but fun story. 

This ended up becoming an example of a Happy For Now toxic romance between two broken people, one who is worse than the other but also becomes dependent on them. 

A Beautiful Lie begins a very long and wild ride and I hope you enjoy it!

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