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Lost Omega

A Sweet Omegaverse Romance Book 2

by Romy Lockhart

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Ember Nestor lost everything that mattered to her in one night. Her true mate was taken from her, and her mother decided to send her to Goldcrest Omega Academy where she must stay until she’s claimed by an Alpha.

She isn’t interested in finding a new mate while she’s in mourning. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get over her loss, but a dangerous Alpha wants to claim her, and his persistence pushes her to go on the run.

Escaping from the academy, she finds herself drawn to the two Alphas and their Beta who immediately recognize her as their true mate. Love was the last thing she expected to find in the middle of the woods, but it comes at a cost. Can she let go of her past to open her heart to her rescuers, or will she forever be lost to her grief?

Lost Omega is a standalone sweet omegaverse romance with college-aged characters, serious steam, and an HEA.

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I don’t fit in here, but I didn’t fit in at high school, either. It’s one thing to be quiet and standoffish. It’s another to be devoid of emotion while everyone else is overflowing with it. It’s another again for those other people to be empaths who can tell.

Ugh. I might be turning into a psychopath like my mother.

All it took was losing the one person I loved more than anything else in the world. Now, I’m empty inside and I don’t think that’s ever going to change.

Even the head of the school has noticed.

I have a private meeting with her after lunch and my stomach is churning like mad at the thought of it. I don’t eat. I can’t. I’ll throw up if I do.

Walking through the academy gardens, I find a little bit of peace.

It’s quiet out here. The other Omegas prefer the comforts of their suites.

I like to be out here, smelling the flowers and hearing the birds calling through the trees.

I stare wistfully at the forest beyond the gardens. It would be even nicer in there, but I’m not permitted off school grounds without explicit written permission.

“Thinking of making a run for it?” a wry voice asks from my side.

I turn to see a blonde girl in an expensive playsuit and heels standing beside me.

She’s slightly taller than me, but that might be the heels. They’re at least five inches, probably more.

“I wish,” I tell her. “I’m Ember.”

“Brooke Corvina,” she says. “Anything you’ve heard about me is probably true.”

“I’ve heard nothing about you.”

“Oh, good. You’re new. That must be fun.”

“It’s been fine.” I shrug.

“You’re not meant for this place,” she tells me.

“Yeah, I know,” I tell her, wondering how she knows.

“Most of the Omegas here are cut from the same cloth,” she goes on. “The ones who appreciate the gardens are always different. This place changes you. You’ll die inside if you don’t get out.”

She’s talking about herself. And me, I guess.

“Well, it’s a probably a good thing I’m already dead inside then.”

She laughs, and I get a glimpse of her real smile.

She’s broken like I am.

It feels kind of good to know I’m not the only one. For the first time in months, my mood lightens.

I smile back, and for once it’s not a forced expression.

“Same,” she admits.

“I’m guessing you’ve been here a while?” I ask.

“Five years, give or take a few days,” she says with a shrug. “My mother always used to tell me that doing nothing gets you nowhere. I didn’t really think that meant anything until I got here.”

“Don’t you want to leave?”

She sighs softly. “More than anything. Unfortunately, leaving has a price, and I’m not willing to pony up.”

Right. We’re supposed to be here to find our Alphas. As if every Omega is supposed to be with an Alpha.

“You’re not the only one,” I tell her.

“I know,” she says. “I’ll see you around, Ember. Enjoy the gardens.”

She walks away, and I feel a little less alone than I did when I got here.

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Romy Lockhart writes paranormal reverse harem and M/F contemporary romance. All of her books contain steamy scenes between consenting adults. All of her reverse harems have harem ever afters, and all of her romance novels have happy endings.

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