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35 Years Sober: From Drugs and Alcohol

Clean Delivered and On Fire, Book 1

Non-Fiction / Biographical – Recovery – Inspirational – Sobriety

Date Published: 9/21/2022

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The story you are about to read is true to life. I’ve experienced so
much drama in my life that I couldn’t write it all down in one
sitting. After receiving positive criticism from many people who read my
first 2 books, “Brother Lew Life or Death”, and “Who the
Son Sets Free” I decided to write my books in a series. People are
still asking me if there is going to be a movie based on my life. The series
include: 35 Years Sober, Breaking the Strongholds of Addiction, “Thug
Life 2 Hip Hop”, “13 Years In-The Belly of the Beast” and

In these books, I write about my life growing up without a Father, being a
Father, and living with the Father. I write about Hip Hop and its’
effects on our youth. I write about what parents can learn if they want to
truly communicate with their teens or young adults. I’m from the Bronx
and it’s the birthplace of Hip Hop, so anyone that is 40, 50 or 60
years old that grew up in the Bronx knows about Hip Hop, as well as the
positive messages that started it all. I write about what I did to keep me
sane, sober and straight.

I want to assure everyone who reads these books to have an open mind and to
understand that I do not give the enemy any glory by reliving my past. I
relive it the way it was, not to offend anyone, but to allow others that
have gone through what I have, that there is hope. It is the truth and if
you’re offended remember that the truth will set you free.

  About the Author

Lou Acosta (Brother Lew) is a songwriter, author, film-maker and outreach

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