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I Loved You Yesterday

The Trading Heartbeats Trilogy Book 1

by Julie Navickas

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Secrets always have a way of coming out.


Mavis Benson made a huge mistake. Scratch that—colossal mistake. Twice. Sleeping with her high school sweetheart’s twin brother definitely wasn’t part of the plan… nor was falling in love with him.


But that wasn’t the only complication Mavis faced. When an unplanned pregnancy upends her life at seventeen, Mavis skips town to spare her boyfriend, Josh Templeton, from the fallout. With only a letter of apology, she disappears, but not before confiding her secret to Josh’s brother, Austin.


When Austin resurfaces in her life years later, he brings the past to Mavis’s doorstep. Josh wants her back, Austin isn’t willing to surrender, and the path to happiness isn’t clear. Caught between both men, Mavis must choose between the brother for whom she broke her own heart, and the brother who picked up the pieces.


I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY is a heart-pounding reveal of best kept secrets. The truth is never easy, and neither is putting down this page turner. Fans of Nora Roberts and K.G. Fletcher will want to get a copy of I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY.




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Austin pulled back, his breathing heavy. The cologne on the collar of his shirt intertwined with the scent of coffee—sandalwood and Columbian coffee beans fusing in her nostrils.

Mavis opened her eyes, meeting his icy blue gaze six inches away. She stared, finding more in his eyes than she’d ever witnessed before—more than the passion that fueled their relationship.

“My brother sees you as the same girl he loved back in high school,” he whispered. “He wants you to move home, into his house, and ready to bake cookies with a ring on your finger. He’ll pretend the last ten years never happened.”

She pressed a hand over his chest, pushing to increase the distance, but his hold held firm. “Austin…”

“I see you, Princess, the new you. The you that survived. That’s the woman I want, the one who hops on a plane in the middle of the night. The one who loses bets and puts herself out into the world. The one who solves problems, and figures shit out, never one to admit defeat. I want the woman who thrives.” His hand pressed hers into the beat of his heart. “That’s the woman I want, the one I fell in love with in a hotel room in Chicago.”

Her lungs didn’t want to work, each breath held captive in her throat. The love spell he’d cast dizzied her brain, fogging her ability to think. She blinked, staring blankly at the profession of love tumbling from his lips—from the lips of her friend turned… lover?

“You don’t love me, Austin,” she mumbled, pushing away from the hold he held over her.

His eyes closed, releasing her from the challenge. “The hell I don’t, Mavs.” He slumped in his seat, his fingers kneading his forehead. “You let Josh love you because he loves the memory of you, a girl you used to like.” He snorted. “But me? You can’t even fathom my feelings for you because you don’t love yourself as you are today.” He pointed to her, his finger shaking. “And until you realize how fucking incredible you are…”

Julie Navickas is an award-winning, nationally recognized contemporary romance novelist, known for her keen ability to tell heart-wrenching, second-chance love stories through relatable characters with humility, humor, and heroism. She is also an award-winning university instructor and serves as the executive director of The Writing Champions Project. Julie earned master’s degrees in both organizational communication and English studies with an emphasis in book history, as well as a bachelor’s degree in public relations, graduating cum laude from Illinois State University.

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