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Two New Orleans families are blessed with magic—and cursed by it.

Long Blurb:

Dive into the secretive, ancient, magical world of the Deschanel and Sullivan families of New Orleans, where witches live among the Garden District elite and nothing is what it seems.

The House of Crimson & Clover is back with a brand new look and feel and the same witchy darlings of the Garden District.

Changes & Updates:

  • All 12 books are now in hardcover for the first time ever!
  • Hardcover editions come with a sleek case design.
  • 12 new tarot cards were developed for the books, and are printed inside all editions of the book they correspond to.
  • New custom interiors for physical editions.
  • Updated interiors for ebook edition.
  • All new blurbs and taglines.

Start the series for free with The Storm and the Darkness:


  • July 29th: e-book launch
  • August 1st: paperback launch
  • mid-August: hardcover launch
  • August 31st: last day to pre-order signed editions from the author

For a limited time, you can submit proof or purchase of either a paperback or a hardcover, of any of the books, and receive a free bookplate from the author:

Audience: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

Tropes: Witches, Billionaires, Enemies to Lovers, Love Triangle, Fated Love, Redemption, Revenge, Curses, Prophecies, Vampires, Ghosts, Old Money, Found Family, Family Ties, Magical Creatures, Magical Realism

Flames: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Violence: ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

Content Warnings: Violence, physical abuse, sexual assault, magical manipulation, bullying, incest, death of core characters, child death, alcoholism, mental health challenges, murder, blood and gore, sexually explicit scenes, suicide, attempted suicide, torture, war, violence, PTSD, execution.

Reading Order:

The House of Crimson and Clover Series

This is the recommended reading order for the series.
Volume I: The Storm and the Darkness
Volume II: Shattered
Volume III: The Illusions of Eventide
Volume IV: Bound
Volume V: Midnight Dynasty
Volume VI: Asunder
Volume VII: Empire of Shadows
Volume VIII: Myths of Midwinter
Volume IX: The Hinterland Veil
Volume X: The Secrets Amongst the Cypress
Volume XI: Within the Garden of Twilight
Volume XII: House of Dusk, House of Dawn


The Storm and the Darkness- One lone witch. Two tempting brothers. An island forged in darkness.

Shattered: Ana can’t run from the darkness inside of her.

The Illusions of Eventide: The mystic awakens

Bound: Fate demands a sacrifice

Midnight Dynasty: All curses are born of vengeance

Asunder: A love that began with a prophecy

Empire of Shadows: An evolution written in the stars

The Hinterland Veil: Bravery conquers fear, fear races time

The Myths of Midwinter: Beware the myths of midwinter

The Secrets Amongst the Cypress: Time is a perilous wheel when turned by untested hands

Within the Garden of Twilight: Chaos circles the calm

House of Dusk, House of Dawn: In the end is their beginning


“With impeccable pacing, Cradit shifts effortlessly between these various points of view, demonstrating superb psychological insight and a compassion for even her most damaged (and frightening) characters. Her talent for creating atmosphere rivals Daphne du Maurier.”- Christopher Rice, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Heavens Rise

“This story will make you fall in love, shock you, keep you in suspense and make you stay up all night (warning) just so you can find out what happens next… tight and masterful.”- Ionia Froment, Amazon Top 100 reviewer

“Cradit’s writing is poetic prose.”- Becket, Bestselling Author of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles: An Alphabettery

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