The SEAL and the Singer

No Easy Day Book 1

by Jesse Slade

Genre: Contemporary Military Romance


Raised by Navy SEALs, Alexandra “Alex” Walker knows how to take care of herself. But when Alex finds herself kidnapped and held prisoner, she realizes she could use some help. She’s not prepared for the handsome, sultry SEAL who comes to her rescue. When he offers her a single night of passion, she readily agrees, but she never expected that one passionate night would change her life forever.

Navy SEAL, Cole “Reaper” Montgomery doesn’t do relationships. He has a one-night only rule when it comes to women and he doesn’t intend to break it for anyone. But then he rescues sexy, sassy singer, Alex Walker from the jungles of Peru. After one amazing night together, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about her and their red-hot chemistry.
But someone has set their sights on Alex and is determined to make her his own. When Alex is taken again, Reaper is forced to confront how he really feels. But will he get to her before it’s too late?

The SEAL and the Singer is a stand-alone love story with no cliffhangers. It is Book 1 in the series but can easily be read and enjoyed alone.

*Adult Content Over 18 Only

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She smiled the most beautiful smile at me and climbed off me, getting out of bed.

My brows drew together, confused, “Alex?”

She didn’t answer, just walked across the room, and all thoughts of what she was doing were forgotten, mesmerized by that beautiful backside. She grabbed a beige straw cowboy hat and popped it on her head before strolling back and climbing on top of me again.

I smiled at her, “Oh hell yeah.”

Alex was unsure, I could see that, but she still fisted my cock, notched it with her opening, and slowly lowered herself onto me, her legs next to my body. We both moaned.

Once I was fully seated inside her, she started moving tentatively, rolling her hips back and forth. Then she raised herself up and down. I grabbed her hips and started moving her.

“Hang on a second, bossy. I’m trying to figure out which way feels best.”

I smiled at her and stilled my hands but didn’t remove them from her hips; she responded by moving her hips in a circular motion. She rose up and did it again, not losing the rhythm; she looked at me and smiled, looking proud of herself.

She looked lost in sensation; her eyes locked on mine. She ran her hands up her thighs, over my hands across her hips, spanned them over her belly, sliding them up her ribcage. She arched her back and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pushing them together, never losing her rhythm or taking her eyes from mine, making delicious sounds of pleasure. 

She rode me, slow and shallow then, deep and fast, circling her hips, rocking forward, driving me wild. I growled, taking her in, riding me, tits bouncing, her hair spilling out from underneath the hat on her head.

I snaked my hand between us to her clit, my other hand on her ass, and she widened her stance and sank deeper, and we both groaned. She reached her right hand behind her and grasped my balls, rolling them in her hand. I bucked against her, calling her name, but she didn’t lose her balance or break her rhythm.

Calling my name, her orgasm was like an explosion, ripping through her like lightning. Holding the hat on her head, she threw her head back, and her hair pooled on my balls and thighs. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen or felt.

Still riding her orgasm, her internal muscles clenching against me, I had her by the hips, taking control. Alex didn’t let go of my balls, applying gentle pressure staring at me, not breaking eye contact.

When my orgasm hit, I slammed her down on my cock as I thrust up and held her there as I came; my head driven into the pillow, calling out her name, pulsing and twitching deep inside her.

When I relaxed, she let go of my balls and put her hands on her thighs. Both of us panting, a slight sheen of sweat on us both, Alex sat straight and tall, looking at me in amazement, and I stared back at her. She smiled wide and laughed a little, her internal muscles spasming around my dick, and we both moaned.

Smiling at me, she tossed the hat, sending it sailing across the room, “Yeehaw, cowboy!”

I laughed, pulling her against my chest, still inside her. “Fuck yeah, angel.”

I kissed her and rolled us over, and she laughed, causing me to slip out of her. We both groaned at the loss while I kissed her hard and passionately.

Jesse Slade was born and raised in California and always wanted to be a writer. Life interrupted those plans, but the dream never died.

It wasn’t until a friend encouraged her to follow her dream that she wrote her first book. She enjoys writing about sexy, strong (hopefully funny) female heroines and butt kicking alpha men.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find her with a book in her hand or watching her favorite TV shows.

Jesse still lives in California with her two rescue dogs.

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