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My Forever
Tiffany Patterson
(Townsends of Texas, #3)
Publication date: January 7th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


I was only eighteen years old when I thought I had found my happily ever after.

After the tragic death of my mother, I married the love of my life, Ace Townsend.

Yes, we were young and idealistic, but we had it all figured out. He was going to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force. I would go to medical school to become a doctor for people who couldn’t afford healthcare. People like my mother.

But, like everything else in my life, that dream fell apart when I realized Ace was better off without me.
So I left.

Sixteen years later, I’m forced to return to Harlington, Texas. Not for my sake, but to save the one person in my life who matters to me the most.

Even if it means confronting my estranged husband and abiding by his stipulation to move in with him temporarily. If that’s what it takes for him to sign the divorce papers so that I can receive my inheritance and save an innocent life, I’ll do it.

I just have to keep my heart locked away for the next six months.

That’s proving to be easier said than done.

My Forever is an interracial romance (BWWM) and is book three in the Townsends of Texas series. This book contains mature, steamy love scenes. Happily Ever After is guaranteed.

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“And what is it that you want, Savannah?” he asked, harkening back to my earlier comment.

“You already know what I want.” My voice came out much lower than I anticipated.

Ace shook his head. “You want a divorce, but that doesn’t tell me shit about why. Why the hell after sixteen years are you coming to me with this?”

My mind grasped for bits and pieces of lies that I could tell him. He didn’t want to know the truth of why I came back after all these years. He hated me and wanted to use anything I said to continue to stoke the flames of his anger.

“I think it’s time that we finally get the divorce out of the way,” I finally said.

Ace lowered his face only inches from mine. “Your nose still flares when you lie.” His voice was menacing. “Lie to me again, and I’ll add another month.”

I bulged my eyes.

“You’ve got ten seconds to give me a straight answer.” He paused and stepped back. He pivoted on his heels. “Ten…” he counted over his should as he headed toward the kitchen.


I couldn’t give him seven months. Hell, six months was pushing it.

“Because it’s a stipulation of my grandmother’s trust that I divorce you before I can receive what she left for me,” I blurted out behind him.

He spun on his heels, giving me an incredulous look. It was so full of surprise, malice, and disgust that I would’ve preferred he slapped me across the face than look at me that way.

“Money?” His tone was stern. “That is why you’re here?”

I looked away, unable to take the expression on his face and the harshness of his voice at the same time.

Not for the first time in the past sixteen years did I yearn for the boy I fell in love with and married. The one who was my protector.

But in his stead before me stood the man who’d come to hate me.

“Yes,” I whispered, giving him the answer he wanted.

“Of course,” he sneered.

“What about you?” The question came out of my anger. Why I was pissed, I didn’t know, but it propelled me to ask questions of my own. “What are you getting out of this?”

Ace stepped forward. When I thought he would stop, he continued to advance on me, forcing me back against the kitchen wall. His hand shot up, cupping the lower part of my face.

His movements were so swift, I didn’t have time to react before his mouth covered mine. His kiss was bruising, even more punishing than the words he’d thrown at me seconds earlier. But a small spark went off deep in my belly.

Somehow, I ended up kissing him back. And as soon as I did, Ace pulled away from me.

With his hand still around my face, he looked me right in the eye and said, “In six months, I’ll get what I want from this marriage.” He paused. “And then I get to forget all about you. I won’t ever think about you again. You will be dead to me.”

I didn’t think there could have been more words in any other language as cold and painful as the ones he just spat in my face.

I tried to search those grey irises for a glimpse of the old Ace. The one who would’ve never said anything remotely close to this to me.

“I get to forget you ever existed.” He pushed the dagger through my heart one more inch. 

I sank into the wall behind me. Over the past sixteen years, I believed I’d cried every tear I had to give over the end of our relationship. But that old feeling of wanting to bury my head in my pillow and let the tears flow came over me again.

“Answer your phone.”

I blinked. “What?”

He dipped his head toward my shoulder bag, which was now on the floor. “Your phone is ringing,” he said before exiting the kitchen.

I steadied my breathing before digging through my bag.

“H-hello?” I answered my phone right before it went to voicemail.

“I was hoping you weren’t planning on ignoring me.”

My shoulders deflated at the sound of Vincent Reyes’ voice on the other end of the line. Hadn’t my heart just been shredded enough for one day?

Now, here was the guy blackmailing me in order to keep my son safe, calling. 

“Hold on. I have to step outside.”

Author Bio:

I have always been fascinated by storytelling, books, and reading. After years of diving in between the pages of one romance book after another, I decided to try my hand at writing. I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy bringing my readers stories of hope, perseverance, and most importantly, love. When I’m not writing you can find me enjoying time with friends, hiking, or daydreaming about my next novel.

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