The Cruiser
Rowan Rossler
(The Hustlers Trilogy, #1)
Publication date: March 7th, 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Morgan de Rohan-Chabot is Monaco’s most notorious yacht designer. A maverick playboy with a reputation for leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Young, talented, not to mention sexy AF, he’s also got a boatload of attitude.

In other words, he’s my perfect public relations challenge. So what if he’s trouble with a capital T? I’m a pro. Vandana Hillman: The Queen of Luxury PR. My life’s just blown up, I need a distraction, and Morgan wants me to join him on the glittering shores of Monaco to help him land a conservative Saudi Prince as a client.

Ten days. In, out. No biggie, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

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– Vandana POV

Something about his specific brand of refined, European hotness intimidates me, and imagining his carved body without the sweater on isn’t helping. I place my handbag on the table as a barrier of sorts. Never before has three feet of wood-slat table felt so necessary.

Any closer to him and I’m not sure what I might do.

Focus, Vandana.

“I appreciate you finding time in your schedule to meet,” I say. “We’re very intrigued with your work.”

He tilts his head in an assessing gesture. “It’s quite all right to say you are intrigued. Since you’re the only one here.”

His bluntness comes out of nowhere, and the electricity of it crackles on my skin. Blithe disregard for social niceties is so the opposite of ass-kissing LA. 

“It’s a euphemism,” I clarify. “The collective ‘we’?”

“Yes, I hear it all the time,” he says, with an air of dismissiveness. “Odd, considering how independent Americans like to be.”

If there’s a slag in his observation, it’s buried deeply by that very charming accent. Chip on his shoulder? More like an old-growth Redwood.

“Well, I’m sure the French have a far more lyrical way of expressing business speak,” I counter.

He wordlessly studies me during a pause that seems to go on forever, and I realize that being countered is foreign territory. But I hold my ground, and his eyes are breathtaking as they fixate on mine. Dark caramel with flecks of gold. There’s a restlessness in them, a fire I imagine is eternally stoked.

I shift on the sofa and hope it looks nonchalant instead of uncertain.

It’s been a long time since I was this self-aware around a man.

We can talk cultural differences another night,” he finally says. “I’d like to hear more about you.”

With elegant authority, he drapes an arm along the back of the sofa. His fingers drum lightly along the weathered wicker and the silver of his chunky Hublot watch gleams in the soft light. I’d given this meet and greet an hour, max. But the night is young, he’s ordered two bottles of wine, and is clearly in no hurry to talk shop. Maybe this is the assuredness of someone who knows he’s stupid handsome and can bend the agenda of anyone merely by living and breathing.

I reach for my water glass and take a deep swallow.

I might be here for a while.

Author Bio:

An award-winning storyteller whipping up contemporary romance tales.

Every writer sprinkles their own brand of DNA magic into stories and my ingredients are: glamorous destinations, brilliant, sexy minds, and juicy plots with just the right amount of spice stirred in to kick things up a notch.
If you like all of the above, it might be love at first bite!

Vancouver, Canada is my current home, although I consider myself a citizen of the world. Sharp-dressed men make my day, calla lilies are my favourite flower, and if you ever come to visit, there’s always champagne on ice.

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