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The Curse of a Kingdom
Abbey Fox
(The Wicked Kingdom, #2)
Publication date: March 22nd 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance


When Arkimedes is kidnapped by The Dark Ones, Nava Forrest is forced to make a bargain with the devil. But when Nava comes face-to-face with her beloved, he has no memory of her, their soul bond or the past eleven years of his life.

Under the cover of a fake engagement, Nava must hide her soulmate bond, navigate the Copper Kingdom’s deadly court, and field off demon attacks in the nearby forest. All whilst attempting to trigger her soulmate’s memories and convince him to flee. But this new version of Arkimedes is cold, ruthless, and determined to solve the mystery of why he was abandoned as a child.

Yet the soulmate bond won’t be denied. Nava and Ark are drawn to each other, and her delicate web of secrets is threatening to unravel…

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She wrapped her hands tightly around the terrace’s balusters. “Well, for someone who just claimed I wasn’t a prisoner when your guard almost killed me, you sure treat me like one.”

Arkimedes hovered closer and his body brushed hers, his energy a mist of cool air against her heated skin. “Don’t fool yourself. I did that because you are to be Devon’s bride.”

Nava raised a brow, feeling the wave of dangerous fire churn between them. “In that case, can I at least move next to my fiancé? I sure would love to spend some time with him.”

Arkimedes held the railing so tightly his knuckles turned white. Nava was sure it would explode under the pressure of his power at any moment. “You are to stay here, where I can keep my eyes on you.”

“One would think you are jealous of your brother, sir.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” His eyes dropped to her lips.

The swarming heat that took over her body left her breathless, and she pulled away. Being so close strengthened his emotions within her, and she didn’t need to feel his jealousy when he was so clearly trying to be an asshole.

“Speaking of, when will I see Devon?”

A fake smile appeared on his handsome features. “Are you going to stay out of trouble if you do?”

“Is that what betrothed people do?” Her words came out harsher than she’d intended them.

His nostrils flared. “Good girls do.”

“Who says I’m good?”

A wave of burning desire that was all him had her blood boiling. She gulped at his darkening gaze. “No, I supposed you mustn’t be.”


Author Bio:

Abbey Fox has always loved storytelling. Ever since she was little, she used to create characters for fun, get immersed in their life stories, worlds and magic systems. This naturally progressed onto writing, her first story being a cringy teenage highschool Romance, which she wrote at the age of thirteen in a notebook that was half falling apart by the time she wrote ‘the end’.

As time has gone by she has dived into writing other genres, from YA Fantasy, to Mystery Romance, Sci-fi Apocalyptic YA and a plethora of short stories. Now she is focusing on her love for Adult Fiction, in the Fantasy Romance/ Paranormal Romance genres.

Her debut Novel, The Curse of the Crow is coming out later this year, a part one of an enthralling series set on a magical world where soulmates are real and kingdoms are corrupted by power.

When Abbey is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her four year old son, tending to her indoor tropical jungle and painting fun characters with watercolors.

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